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DFF registers, announces HFD, CFD and SFD

Digital Freedom Foundation (formerly known as Software Freedom International) is proud to announce its new incorporation in the Special Administrative Region of Hong Kong. While the charity status is still pending approval as our bylaws, goals and three-year plan are being reviewed, the organization has just been incorporated and we opened our bank account on February 14th. We can therefore officially announce our plans for 2013 including the exciting things you already know about, and the new exciting stuff we have had in our pipeline for quite some times now.

We will of course continue with the current schedule of two annual worldwide celebrations of Culture and Software Freedom respectively called Culture Freedom Day and Software Freedom Day. Both will be celebrated as planned, respectively the 3rd Saturday of May and the 3rd Saturday of September, putting CFD on Saturday 18 May and SFD on Saturday 21 September this year. Events registration will open around mid March for CFD and early June for SFD. As usual early SFD registrants gets to receive a free team pack and we are still trying to raise sufficient funds to provide the same benefits for CFD events.

Now to the exciting new stuff: if you follow us on or twitter, you then already know that we are launching a new celebration around Open Hardware called Hardware Freedom Day and which will be celebrated one month before Culture Freedom Day on April 20 2013. As Open Hardware mixes a bit of the three pillars on which we focus (software, art/culture and hardware) we have chosen this date to enable people to either merge HFD and CFD (as open hardware necessary involves design, which arguably involves artists) or only focus on the part they feel more relevant to them by only celebrating one or the other international day. In the future we are planning to move HFD earlier in the year to balance the three celebrations every four months and have HFD closer to Christmas as well, so people can show off all the cool open hardware gifts they got during the holiday season.

Last but not least our yearly plan includes two other major milestones: the SFD Summit which was postponed from last year, which we need to realign with our current endeavours (HFD,CFD and SFD), and creating a curriculum about the digital freedoms we celebrate covering Free Software, Free Culture and Open Hardware. Both need further considerations as we are in the early stages of planning and will warrant dedicated announcements in due time. We would like to thank our former board members with a special mention to Matt Oquist, SFI founder, treasurer and vice president until end of 2012 with whom we obviously wouldn't be where we are today. Another thank you goes to our long term and faithful sponsors and partners would have followed us for years and without whom we couldn't provide teams with the schwags and competition prizes. Those are namely Canonical, Google, Linode, the Free Software Foundation, Linux Magazine, the Linux Journal and Lemote. To conclude our next focus will therefore be Hardware Freedom Day, on Saturday 20 April 2013 and official registration will open early next week. So get your hackerspace in order and join us to celebrate!