2018 SFD registration is on!

SFD Registration is on

This is with great pleasure that we are opening registration for SFD 2018. This year Software Freedom Day is happening on Saturday September 15th everywhere around the world (or almost). While the SFD wiki was ready to create and update your event page we did a soft launch for the registration at the beginning of the month and have had so far 2 registration emails which didn't reach the team leaders. If this happens to you check your SPAM folder and eventually email us on SFD-Discuss mailing list. Apart from that everything seems to be running smoothly.

On the sponsors side as we have received questions in the sfd-discuss mailing list so we would like to thank Linode, Canonical, for providing hosting, mailing list and some technical support for longer than we can remember. On the funding part however we haven't received any money from anyone for the 4th consecutive year due to relocation of our organization and various other issues. We do however want to thank Google for their continuous support and hope we will resume receiving funding very soon.

So as usual registering an SFD event is as simple as 1-2-3:

At the end of all this you'll appear on the SFD 2018 Map with all the other teams here and be easy to spot.

If you need further information we have an exhaustive guide here at the wiki StartGuide page for newcomers and for the others who need help, and the SFD-Discuss mailing list is probably the best place to get prompt support.

We have also the SFD countdown ready and in 7 languages. You can find further information here.

So all the best and get ready for Software Freedom Day 2018.

Thank you very much and happy SFD!

The Digital Freedom Foundation

Happy Document Freedom Day 2018!

We cannot read your documents

Another year and another important celebration! As the image above clear states creating work which can be read by everyone at any point in time is a very important endeavor for us and not something that propriatary software makers care much about. On the contrary sales and profits are what matter to them and for that reason they use propriatary format, ensuring that people will only buy their software to open the files they are creating and receiving everyday.

Today we go out again to discuss with people around us and explain how crucial it is to open letters written decenies ago by our loved ones but also how libraries, companies and the society as a whole needs to be able to reuse data created over time and not be hindered by either suppliers' profit making objectives or just companies which no longer exist today and do not provide a mean to open documents generated using their software.

So with a hint of urgency and a lot of charisma let us go out and celebrate Document Freedom Day! You can check the currently registered events right here on DFD website.

...and today is Software Freedom Day!

For its fourteenth edition the Digital Freedom Foundation is happy to celebrate Software Freedom Day! At the time of this writting we have 112 teams listed on the wiki and about 80+ events registered. Over the year we've notice that this "double registration process" (creating a wiki page and then filling the registration form) is a bit difficult for some of our participants and we wish to change that. In the plan for the coming months we plan to have a single registration process which will in turn generate a wiki page. We also want to display the event date as some of us cannot celebrate exactly on this international day due to local celebrations or other reasons.

Never the less please do look on the map and in the country listing and find an event in your area. If there is none, maybe it's a good opportunity to start an event with your community! And then join us and celebrate!

Happy SFD to all!

2017 SFD registration is on!

Register SFD

The The Digital Freedom Foundation is very happy to announce that registration of its fourteenth edition of Software Freedom Day has just opened. While the wiki was ready and open since April this year we just started the official registration with the map display on Monday as we were having small issues with our SSL certificates.

So as usual registering an SFD event is as simple as 1-2-3:
1. Create a wiki account if you don't already have one
2. Create a wiki page in your area under this page
3. Go to the registration page to register and let us know exactly who and where you are.

At the end of all this you'll appear on the SFD 2017 Map here with all the other teams and be easy to spot.

We want to thank our usual sponsors Google, Linode, Canonical, the FSF and FSFE. We would also like to thank Freiheit technologies, a software company based in Hamburg, Germany for continuing to support us. Full details of our sponsors are available at this page.

Back to SFD registration we have an exhaustive StartGuide here for newcomers and for the others who need help, and the SFD-Discuss mailing list is probably the best place to get prompt support.

So get ready to celebrate and happy preparations to all!

The Digital Freedom Foundation

Happy Document Freedom Day

It is with great pleasure again that we are announcing Document Freedom Day celebration. As we mentioned we gave people 1 more month to prepare for the event and run it on Wednesday April 26th so it's today!

DFD is the international day to celebrate and raise awareness of Open Standards. Open Standards goes beyond essays and spreadsheets and covers all digital formats from artwork, sheet and recorded music, email, or statistics. They provide freedom from data lock-in and the subsequent supplier's lock-in.

Today people around the globe come together to run local events and let the public know about freedom of information accessibility. Join us by attending an event close to you, help spreading the word or see other ways of how to get involved.

We would also like to thank our sponsors Google and Freiheit who have always back us up and deserve a big thank you for that!

So without further ado celebrate Document Freedom Day fully and enjoy every moment of it!

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