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Happy Software Freedom Day 2021

We want to wish you a happy Software Freedom Day 2021 and hope everything will go as planned!

We stepped in the Christchurch event in New Zealand earlier today and were very impressed with their Jitsi set up, using the Jitsi free public plan.

We are still seeing teams registering as we're writing this email so 2021 should be a good sign of what we can do individually during times like this. And celebration can definitely postponed should you not have had the time or the opportunity to organize for today!

Hopefully we are going to strengthen up our team very very soon and provide better support for the other upcoming celebrations.

In the meantime you can check all the current events on our SFD Map and browse the wiki should you not find any team in your area.

One of the good sides of this year is that most events are virtual, and like us, you can probably find one within your time zone and in your language.

SFD remains one of the events with the most represented languages and places in the world and we should be proud of that!

Thank you all for your continuous participation and happy SFD!