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... and yet again, Happy Software Freedom Day 2022!

The Digital Freedom Foundation is very happy to announce that today is the nineteenth edition of Software Freedom Day! Please take a look at the SFD 2022 map to either find an online event or one in your area, or simply decide you run your own by following the steps below:
1. Create a wiki account if you don't already have one
2. Create a wiki page in your area under this page
3. Go to the registration page to register and let us know exactly who and where you are.

This year we've added the event date on the SFD map which you can fine tune by added #DATE: and YYYY-MM-DD at the top of your wiki page to tell us when your event is happening. By default we set it to today, but should you run an event next month don't forget to add this little hidden code in your wiki page.

We will probably also add longitude and latitude parameters soon in order to allow to easily update your location should you register early and end up running your event elsewhere.

Anyway thank you again for participating in Software Freedom Day this year, we wish you all the best for SFD 2022!