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Canonical, Google and Linode long term sponsors

While SFD registration is going steadily with, at the time of this writing, 156 registered teams and more pending, we are very happy to confirm our usual three sponsors in the name of Canonical, Google and Linode. We are very proud to be working with those three organizations for such a long time and would like to emphasize that without them our road would be a lot more bumpy! At the same time we would like to add that our collaboration with the FSF has been very positive and improving over the years. In fact we regularly exchange ideas about better promotion for Free Software and one of them will be announced very soon. In the light of this continuous support we can only extend the pre-registration promotion (free SFD swag) until the end of the month (July 31st)! We also want to thank the media and the communities that support us and have been doing so for years, but we shall write a bit more about those organizations in a latter post.

Happy SFD preparation to all!