Culture Freedom Day Registration is on!

For its third edition Culture Freedom Day's registration is ready and awaiting all the passionate organizers to come and be known! As usual the event is planned for the third Saturday of May (the 17th) and appearing on the events map only requires to create an event page under the CFD wiki and fill up the registration form. Then of course you'll be challenged between finding Free Culture artists in your area and together presenting their work, or selecting one of the many projects published under a Free License and showing it to your audience. We are sure a lot of passionate discussions will follow and you'll be delighted to explain the ins and outs of Free Culture!

So all the best for CFD 2014 and see you in two months to party!

Today is Hardware Freedom Day!

For its second edition Hardware Freedom Day is happening with over 40 registered teams and one more sponsor in the name of LulzBot offering 8x3D printers for the event, product which has been RYF-certified by our partner the FSF. Canonical, Google and Linode are of course still part of our long term sponsors and we are trying to reward all our supporters as well. You can find more details on that by looking at the HFD website. So what could you do today? Quite simple, you're either organizing an event and then you probably hardly have the time to read this message, or you are interested by the concept of Libre/Open hardware and should direct yourself towards our global map to see if there is anything happening in your area. If all the events are too far, then you can check the hackerspaces website and locate a Libre/open hardware hacking place near you. Hopefully you will be able to find something to satisfy your thrust and we wish you the best possible Hardware Freedom Day!

LulzBot sponsoring DFF!

As Hardware Freedom Day is just around the corner we are pleased to announce that LulzBot is joining the ranks of our supporters and offering eight TAZ 3 3D printers to participating hackerspaces. One only needs to fill up the form here and be motivating enough in its usage plan to win one of them! We have to add that we are definitely delighted to have the only 3D printer maker FSF-certified to respect your freedom part of the companies making Digital Freedoms celebrations happening and keeping everyone motivated. Their site is full of great tips and recommendations about which Free Software to use and their team a pleasure to work with. Hopefully this is just the beginning and many more joint projects will continue to happen between at least both of our teams.

So get ready, apply to get your printer and show your hackerspace to the world!

Introducing Greenboard to Teach For China

Teach For China is non-profit working on Chinese education inequity and founded in 2008. They are currently looking at developing some e-learning solutions with the schools they are involved with this year and we have been invited to present Greenboard during their mid-year professional development conference. The conference is happening this weekend (22/33 February) in Shantou, China and we will most likely spend the whole Sunday discussing with their fellows. As we already had a pre-meeting last weekend we feel there are a lot of things which could be used from the work we did in the Beijing area and we are looking forward to share our experience on the matter. Hopefully, we'll have more to tell soon!

Announcing Hardware Freedom Day 2014

While we did a soft launch two weeks ago and obviously people subscribed to our mailing list also found out about it, we are glad to officially announce Hardware Freedom Day 2014 registration opening! As usual one need to create a wiki page before filling up the registration form. For our second edition we have move the celebration one month earlier and hope that more hackerspaces will join the event. We have had a few ideas submitted to the mailing list to enhance the celebration and we definitely need to see how those can be implemented. In the meantime, get your team ready, your hackerspace in order and celebrate HFD with us!

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